Our Healthcare Insight team are thought leaders in local market access solutions. We have access to a unique combination of information, data and experience that we harness to create clarity for you in an ever-changing environment. If you need to understand your customers' world and maximise your effectiveness, we can help.

How can Healthcare Insight support you?

Our Healthcare Research team gives you an improved understanding of your environment by providing quick and easy access to our unique portfolio of healthcare information and services.

Our Healthcare Intelligence team helps you tailor your communication to your customer's needs through sophisticated training and advisory boards.

Our Healthcare Consulting team are experts in data and healthcare systems. We will work together with you to optimise your sales and marketing resources.

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Healthcare Research

Our product range

Investigator Online

Investigator Online is a one-stop shop for insight relating to all health and social care organisations across the UK. By adopting Investigator Online, your team’s understanding of their customers will increase significantly, with a concomitant decrease in wasted research time. Investigator Online contains all the latest published documents and key personnel in health and social care, and is updated daily, pushing relevant insight to your team on a routine basis.

Formulary Tracker

Formulary Tracker monitors the position and status of key drugs on all formularies within the UK, providing you with an easy way to keep track of dynamic changes in medicines management guidance at a national and local level.

Specialist Share Data (SSD)

SSD is a unique data set that allows you to understand patient treatments at hospital trust level. The data can be tailored by product and indication, meaning the ability to track specialist brand usage by indication by trust is now a reality. SSD offers truly novel insight into secondary care initiation.

Health Economy Analysis Tool (HEAT)

HEAT provides a review of all key local documents for therapy areas that interest you. HEAT not only identifies healthcare priorities by organisation, it pinpoints particular aspects of a disease or therapy area that are a priority. By using HEAT, your sales teams will instantly know detailed local priorities and your marketing teams will have a national picture of market need based on actual bottom-up evidence. For both sales and marketing teams, HEAT allows users to match their value proposition exactly to the need of the customer.

Bespoke Desk Research

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all: our bespoke desk research is perfect for anyone looking to dig a little deeper into a specific area of interest. Our bespoke approach makes use of our comprehensive data warehouse, in combination with our extensive analyst and business-consulting expertise.

“Everyone who's seen [the tool] has thought it is great. Normally takes the customer ages to get this information, and they don't know where to start.”

“Customers now think of us as experts, as they haven’t seen this type of information before.”

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Healthcare Intelligence

Training on the NHS

Our NHS Training is delivered by a team of experts with extensive experience working in both the NHS and commercial healthcare. We offer bespoke company sessions, webinars, or industry-wide conferences which are specifically designed to help healthcare organisations understand the implications of NHS changes to their portfolio.

Nationwide Advisory Boards

NHiS offers a proficient end-to-end advisory board service. We will engage a representative spectrum of both clinical and non-clinical payer delegates to provide real world insights into the value of your product and wider clinical pathway support propositions. Working with our sister company Binley's, we can provide you access to an unprecedented breadth of customers.

“I think this event was well organised, well presented, time management was excellent, panel representation was really good and I’ve learned a lot. Thank you.”

"Just a quick note to thank you for your support with the Advisory Board meeting which was held last week. I thought the co-ordination, calibre of the delegates and quality of discussion was exceptional."

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Healthcare Consulting

Advanced Dynamic Segmentation (ADS)

We know that intelligent customer targeting can improve your outcomes. ADS is a proven methodology that ranks your healthcare accounts in order of value or importance. The analysis visualises both the potential (value) and the propensity (likelihood to change) of your accounts, tailoring these specifically to your company and product objectives. ADS harnesses all available data in order to reach the most accurate results. The ADS process is fully inclusive and transparent.

CCG Sophistication Tracker

Using our specialist knowledge, we have created a segmentation methodology which condenses a multitude of complex and varied metrics into a simple, user-friendly format that supports decision making and resource allocation. This will allow you to understand CCGs by customer segment, ensuring the message you send is the right one.

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Healthcare Insight: Editorial articles

June 2nd 2016

Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) progress tracker

Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STP) progress tracker

April 2017 will see a huge change to the way NHS services are commissioned. STPs are pivotal to this change that critically impacts your business.

December 16th 2015

Vanguard Support Package Updated: Now includes guidance on ‘new operating models’, and ‘governance, accountability and provider regulation’

Vanguard Support Package Updated: Now includes guidance on ‘new operating...

The new national support package was published on the 10 December, and the two new areas of support were developed with input from the newer vanguards - Acute Care Collaboration and Urgent and Emergency Care.

November 26th 2015

Urgent care vanguard: integration is key

Urgent care vanguard: integration is key

Many services now provide myriad options for patients who are seeking emergency and urgent care. But as Toby Sanders pointed out last week in his blog for NHS England, just because a multitude of services are on offer, it isn’t the end of the story.

November 11th 2015

NHS vanguard programme incorporates contract options for GPs

NHS vanguard programme incorporates contract options for GPs

Under the new vanguard programme to transform the NHS, GPs may be given the option to revert to GMS or PMS contracts if the collaborations are not successful, GP Online has reported.

Meet the Healthcare Insight team

Petra Westlake

Petra is the Product Director of NHiS and uses her experience of market access and knowledge of local health economy information to ensure that our products are aligned to both the goals of the NHS and our clients. Petra actively leads her teams to ensure that our outputs benefit health and social care.

Paul Midgley

Paul is the Insights Director of NHiS and blends his working life between the company and the NHS. Paul has a direct input into NHS service redesign and couples that knowledge with his understanding of the commercial needs of healthcare organisations.

Tony Cox

Tony is the Commercial Director of NHiS and has a wealth of experience in both a pharmaceutical and agency environment. Tony and the team are passionate about ensuring that patients get access to the right treatments at the right time in order to improve outcomes in healthcare.

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