Report: The Role of Vanguards in the Development of New NHS Commissioning Structures

The NHS has seen dramatic changes in recent years, resulting in improved outcomes for conditions such as cancer and cardiovascular disease, reduced waiting times, and better patient satisfaction. Despite these improvements, the quality of care remains variable across the country, preventable diseases are still widespread, and our ageing population is increasingly complex.

NHS England introduced the ‘Five Year Forward View’ (FYFV) to change the commissioning landscape and take advantage of opportunities such as advances in science and technologies to better meet the needs of the future population. It is an opportunity to review and rebuild the provision of care by dismantling care pathways and taking a fresh approach to service design.

The FYFV’s ‘Vanguard’ programme encourages creative, ambitious and innovative solutions tailored to address health and social care needs at a local level, as well as developing plans for long term investment to improve population health and reduce pressure on services.

In March 2016, a year on from the formation of many vanguards, an advisory panel was set up by NHiS Commissioning Excellence. The panel comprised eight different vanguards representing health and care provision across settings. Representatives shared their experiences to date and discussed planned initiatives and objectives.

This report is drawn from the presentations and discussions at the advisory panel meeting and provides a unique and honest insight into innovation in action and the successes and challenges encountered so far.

Download the full report here

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